[File] [PATCH] of msdos magic for MS Windows ICOns (missing space char, mime type)

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Sun Nov 11 01:55:02 UTC 2018

On Nov 10, 11:34pm, joerg.jen.der.ek at gmx.net (=?UTF-8?Q?J=c3=b6rg_Jenderek?=) wrote:
-- Subject: [File] [PATCH] of msdos magic for MS Windows ICOns (missing space

| The MS DOS operating system has never been a system with a graphical
| interface. Therefore all magic lines concerning graphic stuff inside
| Magdir/msdos should be moved to other files. Microsoft use ICO files for
| their Windows operating system. But nowadays many graphic software and
| also browser with favi icon support can handle MS Windows ICOns. So such
| magic lines shout not be moved to Magdir/windows. The best place in my
| opinion would be Magdir/images.

Let's do it. Why don't you send a patch separating them?

| I hope my diff file and suggestions can be applied in future version of
| file utility.

Thank you, applied...


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