[File] [PATCH] of Magdir/virtual for Microsoft Disk Image (update+mime type+extension vhd)

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Fri Nov 23 09:46:21 UTC 2018

On Nov 23,  3:08am, joerg.jen.der.ek at gmx.net (=?UTF-8?Q?J=c3=b6rg_Jenderek?=) wrote:
-- Subject: [File] [PATCH] of Magdir/virtual for Microsoft Disk Image (update

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| Hello,
| some day ago i run the file command 5.35 on my disc images. The good
| news are that all that examples are described correctly first by phrase
| "Microsoft Disk Image, Virtual Server or Virtual PC".
| But no file name extension "vhd" is shown by command line option
| --extension. Also no mime type is shown by -i option.
| So i started to change Magdir/virtual. The vhd file format was
| introduced in general by Microsoft virtualization software "Virtual PC".
| If i understand the information found on link
| http://www.forensicswiki.org/wiki/Virtual_Hard_Disk_%28VHD%29 right, the
| used link ending with "bb676673.aspx" seems to point in the past to
| Virtual Hard Disk Image Format Specification on Microsoft web site.
| But Microsoft does not support "Virtual PC" any more and now the link
| redirect to successor virtualization software "Hyper-V". So i remove the
| old link. So i look for new URL on Microsoft servers about this file
| format. In the end i find a Word document named "Virtual Hard Disk
| Format Spec_10_18_06.doc" there. So i add the concerning URL as
| reference. To get a long living URL i finally also add an URL about "VHD
| (Virtual Hard Disk)" on http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/ .
| After the identifying magic line starting with
|  0	string	conectix	
| now show file name extension according to above mentioned web site by line:
|  !:ext   vhd
| After installing virtualization software "VirtualBox" on Windows such
| disc images get a user defined mime type. This is now also used by file
| command by additional line
|  !:mime	application/x-virtualbox-vhd
| Furthermore i look for information that can be extracted and shown by
| additional magic lines. Why? Some times i run out of real disc space and
| must move some disk images and forget to adapt vhd dependencies in other
| virtual machines. Or i delete some test vhd images and later must
| revived images from trash directory.
| According to found word document i added additional magic lines. Some
| are only interesting for forensic purpose or i do not understand the
| full purpose. For such cases i add lines as comment. For example for the
| stored data offset i add a line like
|  #>16	ubequad		!0x200		\b, Data Offset 0x%llx
| So i display information that may be useful for normal users. So display
| the 4 byte Creator Application by line:
|  >28	string		x		\b, Creator %-4.4s
| If the hard disk is created by Microsoft Virtual PC, "vpc " is written
| in this field. If the hard disk image is created by Microsoft Virtual
| Server, then "vs  " is written in this field. For Virtualbox i found
| "vbox" and Sysinternals disk2vhd writes "d2v\0". Other applications
| should use their own unique identifiers.
| The next field stores the the Creator Version. This field holds the
| major/minor version of the application that created the hard disk image.
| Virtual Server 2004 sets this value to 0x00010000 and Virtual PC 2004
| sets this to 0x00050000. This information is now shown in human readable
| form by lines:
|  >32	ubeshort	x		%x
|  >34	ubeshort	x		\b.%x
| Creator Host OS is stored in next field, with following meaning:
| 0x5769326B~Windows (Wi2k), 0x4D616320~Macintosh (Mac)
| This is now shown in human readable form by lines:
|  >36	ubelong		x		(
|  >>36	ubelong		0x5769326B	\bW2k
|  >>36	ubelong		0x4D616320	\bMac
|  >>36	default		x		\b0x
|  >>>36	ubelong		x		\b%8.8x
| Afterward show creation time of the hard disk image. This time is stored
| as big endian 4 bytes as seconds since 1 Jan 2000 UTC. This date is
| 946684800 second behind Unix epoch. So this is now shown by magic line
|  >24	bedate+946684800	x	\b) %s
| Afterwards display Current Size. This field stores the current size of
| the hard disk image. This value is same as the original size when the
| hard disk image is created. This value can change depending on whether
| the image is expanded. This information is now shown by line:
|  >48	ubequad		x		\b, %llu bytes
| Afterwards the Disk Geometry (cylinder, heads, and sectors per track) is
| stored. This is now shown by lines:
|  >56	ubeshort	x		\b, CHS %u
|  >58	ubyte		x		\b/%u
|  >59	ubyte		x		\b/%u
| With this additional information output columns get big. So maybe
| shorter names like "Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk image" or "Microsoft
| Virtual HD image" could/should be used when looking how other call such
| disk images. See for example at
| http://file-extension.net/seeker/file_extension_vhd
| But at the moment i keep old phrase.
| After applying the above mentioned modifications by patch
| file-5.35-virtual-vhd.diff then all such disk images are described by
| Magdir/virtual with additional information like:
| ramdrive147MB-d2v.VHD: Microsoft Disk Image, Virtual Server or
| 	Virtual PC
| 	, Creator d2v  1.0 (W2k) Thu Nov 22 02:52:46 2018
| 	, 157286400 bytes, CHS 65535/16/255
| VirtualXPVHD.vhd:      Microsoft Disk Image, Virtual Server or
| 	Virtual PC
| 	, Creator vpc  1.0 (W2k) Thu Sep 10 13:56:37 2009
| 	, 136365211648 bytes, CHS 65278/16/255
| Free-DOS-1.1.vhd:      Microsoft Disk Image, Virtual Server or
| 	Virtual PC
| 	, Creator vbox 5.1 (W2k) Fri Mar 17 02:07:55 2017
| 	, 336592896 bytes, CHS 652/16/63
| dyn16Mb_mac.vhd:       Microsoft Disk Image, Virtual Server or
| 	Virtual PC
| 	, Creator vbox 5.2 (Mac) Wed Nov 21 16:49:34 2018
| 	, 16777216 bytes, CHS 481/4/17
| The second item is misidentifying many disc images as "(Lepton 2.x)"
| or "(Lepton 3.x)". This misidentification does not occur in version
| 5.32. These massages are triggered by Magdir/measure. So in that file
| the magic lines for DIY-Thermocam data seems to be not accurate enough.
| So somebody should check that file.
| Furthermore there exist an successor extended format of VHD named VHDX.
| This newer file format is not recogniced by file command 5.35 and need
| new own magic lines. I am working on this TODO item.
| I hope my diff file and suggestions can be applied in future version of
| file utility.

Thank you!



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