[File] file-5.35 is now available

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Wed Oct 24 09:54:39 EDT 2018

On Oct 24,  1:11pm, thomas.jarosch at intra2net.com (Thomas Jarosch) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: [File] file-5.35 is now available

| okidoki. In the meantime a colleague of mine will look into
| fixing file-tests as it currently can't update the stored results.
| -> We need to add support for negative offsets in the magic patterns.

thanks, I think I fixed it now and I am looking at the effects on the

| There will also be new test files for encrypted Office documents, too.

Much appreciated. The tests need loving. I tried to find the upstream
for that but the repository is gone. I guess I can just put my sources
of the tests on github and we can collaborate there. Unless someone
has a better idea.


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