[File] tests-directory procedure

Bastian Bittorf bb at npl.de
Sat Mar 2 11:49:28 UTC 2019

dear devs,

thanks for all your work!

Because i want to use 'file' intensive in a
project, I poked around in the tests-dir:

With git-a0785d309 ("Add more tests")
the files tests/regex-eol.* where added.

Interesting to me was a special *.magic definition.

What is the sense of adding a .magic in tests,
when it is in the real magic file? For this case,
we have 2 different results:

# MAGIC=tests/regex-eol.magic file tests/regex-eol.testfile
tests/regex-eol.testfile: Ansible Vault text, version 1.1, using AES256 encryption

# MAGIC=/usr/local/share/misc/magic.mgc file tests/regex-eol.testfile
tests/regex-eol.testfile: ASCII text

This is misleading somehow, is'nt it?
Ofcourse the '/usr/local/share/misc/magic.mgc' is fresh compiled/installed.

My goal is to add some more tests:
At the moment we have ~20 tests,
but several tousands magic-definitions.

bye, bastian

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