[File] EDID File dump detection.

Mubashshir ahmubashshir at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 15:55:37 UTC 2019

This attached script can detect EDID file dumps.

Tested with edid file v1.3(the attached bin file)

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# This script detects EDID dump files
0       quad	0x00ffffffffffff00		Extended display identification data dump
!:mime application/x-edid-dump
>18	    byte	0x01					Version 1
>>19	byte	0x00                    \b.0
>>19	byte	0x01                    \b.1
>>19	byte	0x02                    \b.2
>>19	byte	0x03                    \b.3
>18		byte	0x02					Version 2
>>19	byte	0x00                    \b.0
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