[File] file-5.39 is now available

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Mon Jun 15 00:15:07 UTC 2020


After many bug fixes and two additional magic types (guid, offset), a
new verson of file is now available from:


Here is the list of changes:

    * Remove unused subtype_mime (Steve Grubb)
    * Remove unused check in okstat (Steve Grubb)
    * Fix mime-type in elf binaries by making sure $x is set
    * Fix indirect negative offsets broken by OFFNEGATIVE
    * Fix GUID equality check
    * PR/165: Handle empty array and strings in JSON
    * PR/162: Add --exclude-quiet
    * Fix memory leak in ascmagic (Steve Grubb)
    * Fix string comparison length with ignore whitespace
    * Fix mingwin 64 compilation
    * PR/159: whitelist getpid needed for file_pipe2file()
    * Indicate negative offsets with a flag OFFNEGATIVE
      so that -0 works.
    * Introduce "offset" magic type that can be used to
      detect the file size, and bail on short files.
    * document DER better in the magic man page.
    * fix memory leaks (SonarQube)
    * rewrite confusing loops (SonarQube)
    * fix bogus test (SonarQube)
    * pass a sized buffer to file_fmttime() (SonarQube)
    * Don't allow * in printf formats, or the code itself (Christoph Biedl)
    * Introduce a printf output size checker to avoid DoS attacks
    * Avoid memory leak on error (oss-fuzz)
    * Check length of string on DER before derefercing and add new types
    * Add missing DER string (oss-fuzz)
    * Add missing DER types, and debugging
    * PR/140: Avoid abort with hand-crafted magic file (gockelhahn)
    * PR/139:  Avoid DoS in printf with hand-crafted magic file (gockelhahn)
    * PR/138: Avoid crash with hand-crafted magic file (gockelhahn)
    * PR/136: Fix static build by adding a libmagic.pc (Fabrice Fontaine)
    * add guid support native support via the "guid" type.

Enjoy and stay healthy,


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