[File] feature request (git version) for discussion

Bastian Bittorf bb at npl.de
Sat Jul 17 08:00:59 UTC 2021

Hello and thanks for 'file', which i
use for better searching files on my NAS.

I was in need for a more verbose --version output.
when compiling from git, it is still:

$ file --version
magic file from /home/user/.magic.mgc:/usr/local/share/misc/magic

This does not help.
I would like to see e.g.


$ file ~/.magic.mgc 
/home/bastian/.magic.mgc: magic binary file for file(1) cmd (version 16) (little endian)

This is also misleading, it should always
include the release-version or commit hash.

I have no good idea how to implement this (especially the .mgc case),
maybe somebody here. when you show me a direction, i can make a proposal.

bye, bastian

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