[File] Building a specific version of magic.mgc ?

Frédéric Nass frederic.nass at univ-lorraine.fr
Tue Jun 1 14:58:57 UTC 2021


Is it possible to use the latest magic.mgc definitions (downloaded and 
built from the Github repository) with an older file, lets say file 
v5.33 from RHEL 8 ?

I built file magic.mgc with git clone https://github.com/file/file && cd 
file && autoreconf -f -i && ./configure --disable-silent-rules && make 
-j4 but when I try to use it with file v5.33 it says:

$ file -m ./magic/magic.mgc /tmp/test.pptx
file: File 5.33 supports only version 14 magic files. 
`./magic/magic.mgc' is version 16 (No such file or directory)

Is it possible to built a specific version of magic.mgc based on the 
latest definitions?

Best regards,



Frédéric Nass

Direction du Numérique
Sous-Direction Infrastructures et Services
Université de Lorraine.

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