[File] "lhs/off overflow" messages to stderr

Christoph Biedl astron.com.bwoj at manchmal.in-ulm.de
Tue Dec 20 22:34:44 UTC 2022

Okay, that one was garbled, too.

So in a nutshell,

commit ba8be65cb978669c2081265ae61f7606805eeb3e
Author: Christos Zoulas <christos at zoulas.com>
Date:   Wed Sep 21 02:18:17 2022 +0000

    check and limit range of offset to prevent overflow (clusterfuzz)

introduced error messages in src/softmagic.c, printed to stderr. At
least the first one

| fprintf(stderr, "lhs/off overflow %jd %jd\n", lhs, off);

gets triggered here on a regular base (lost a reproducer, can try to find it

May I suggest to disable them, or to print them only when running under
some debugging?

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