[File] [PATCH] [v2] Add support for AMD/Xilinx accelerator xclbin binary files

Sonal Santan sonal.santan at amd.com
Wed Dec 14 19:28:02 UTC 2022


This is v2 of the patch which adds support to recognize "xclbin"
binary files used by AMD/Xilinx accelerators like Alveo and Kria--


The xclbin files are generated by Vitis tool chain and are defined as
part of XRT source tree--


The patch updates magic/Magdir/xilinx to recognize xclbin files. A test
has been added to the tests directory which includes a 512B snippet of
a sample xclbin binary file.

I hope this can be applied to a future version of the file utility.

Changes since v1:
- Fixed formatting of xclbin specific rules in magic/Magdir/xilinx

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