[File] file v5.41 -- double space in some descriptions

J G Miller jgmiller at pt.LU
Mon Jan 24 22:52:42 UTC 2022


Dear File Program Mailing List,

Having just installed a /usr/local/bin version of file v5.41 because of
bugs in the /usr/bin version of file v5.25 (yes I know I really, really,
really must get around to do a full system distribution-upgrade) I have
noticed that file v5.41 puts a double space in some output strings
between the leading "a" and the following "path".

/usr/local/bin/file -v
magic file from /usr/local/share/misc/magic

/usr/local/bin/file  bikegear
bikegear: a  /usr/bin/wish script, ASCII text executable

/usr/local/bin/file convert.lua
convert.lua: a  /usr/bin/lua script, ASCII text executable

The expected output is "...a /usr/bin/..." with a single space.

Presumably this double spacing is not intentional since it does not
always occur and it makes checking the output more complex, viz the
necessity of adding "[[:space:]][[:space:]]*" to regular expressions
to parse the output.

Thanking you for your continuing maintenance of this essential file utility,
J G Miller

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