[File] Magic for Ringdove EDA suite

Erich Heinzle a1039181 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 05:27:45 UTC 2022


I am submitting the necessary magic for recognition of files generated by
the FOSS Ringdove EDA (electronic design automation) suite, in the hope it
can be included in file(1)

The magic will identify files used by the Ringdove suite's components,

the schematic editor: sch-rnd
the PCB layout editor: pcb-rnd
the gerber/CAM viewer: camv-rnd
the shared library/config infrastructure: librnd, and
the tEDAx netlist/element/block file format used by sch-rnd, pcb-rnd and
autorouting plugins

the definitive version of the magic can be found at


or via svn directly


I have attached the magic text to this email, but it may suffer
mangling by the client.

Let me know if anything else is needed.

Keep up the good work!


Erich Heinzle
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# RingdoveEDA data file magic(5) patterns to be used with file(1)
# Copy the content of this file in /etc/magic

# librnd and global
0	regex/128l	ha:rnd-menu-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	librnd menu system (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:rnd-menu-patch-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	librnd menu patch (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:coraleda-project-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	CoralEDA/Ringdove project file (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:ringdove-project-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	Ringdove project file (lihata)

# pcb-rnd
0	regex/128l	ha:pcb-rnd-board-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd board file (lihata)
0	regex/128l	li:pcb-rnd-subcircuit-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd subcircuit/footprint file (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:pcb-rnd-buffer-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd paste buffer content (lihata)
0	regex/128l	li:pcb-rnd-conf-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd configuration (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:pcb-rnd-drc-query-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd drc query string (lihata)
0	regex/128l	li:pcb-rnd-font-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd vector font (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:pcb-rnd-log-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd message log dump (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:pcb-rnd-padstack-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd padstack (lihata)
0	regex/128l	li:pcb-rnd-view-list-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd view list (lihata)
0	regex/128l	li:view-list-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	pcb-rnd view list (lihata)
0	search	Netlist(Freeze)	pcb-rnd or gEDA/PCB netlist forward annotation action script

# sch-rnd (cschem data model)
0	regex/128l	li:cschem-buffer-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	sch-rnd/cschem buffer content (lihata)
0	regex/128l	li:sch-rnd-conf-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	sch-rnd configuration (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:std_devmap.v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	sch-rnd devmap (device mapping; lihata)
0	regex/128l	li:cschem-group-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	sch-rnd/cschem group or symbol (lihata)
0	regex/128l	ha:cschem-sheet-v[0-9]+[\ \t\r\n]*[{]	sch-rnd/cschem schematic sheet (lihata)

# tEDAx (modular format)
0	regex/1l	tEDAx[\ \t\r\n]v	tEDAx (Trivial EDA eXchange)
>0	regex	begin\ symbol\ v	with schematic symbol
>0	regex	begin\ board\ v	with Printed Circuit Board
>0	regex	begin\ route_req\ v	with PCB routing request
>0	regex	begin\ route_res\ v	with PCB routing result
>0	regex	begin\ camv_layer\ v	with camv-rnd exported layer
>0	regex	begin\ netlist\ v	with netlist
>0	regex	begin\ backann\ v	with Ringdove EDA back annotation
>0	regex	begin\ footprint\ v	with PCB footprint
>0	regex	begin\ drc\ v	with PCB DRC script
>0	regex	begin\ drc_query_rule\ v	with pcb-rnd drc_query rules
>0	regex	begin\ drc_query_def\ v	with pcb-rnd drc_query value/config definitions
>0	regex	begin\ etest\ v	with PCB electric test

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