[File] [PATCH] Magdir/riff for Microsoft/MIDI Instrument Definition File *.IDF

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Sun Jul 24 23:48:00 UTC 2022

Committed, thanks!


> On Jul 18, 2022, at 4:24 PM, Jörg Jenderek <joerg.jen.der.ek at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> some days ago i handled some RIFF based files. Some have file name
> extension IDF. With Microsoft's IDFedit Program i was able to create
> my own examples like My-idf1.idf and My-idf2.idf.
> When i run file command version 5.42 on such RIFF based samples i get
> a correct output like:
> GENERAL.IDF: RIFF (little-endian) data
> My-idf1.idf: RIFF (little-endian) data
> My-idf2.idf: RIFF (little-endian) data
> nvidia.idf:  RIFF (little-endian) data
> For all samples with --extension option only ??? is displayed.
> Furthermore with option -i for samples only generic
> application/octet-stream is shown.
> For comparison reason i run the file format identification utility
> TrID ( See https://mark0.net/soft-trid-e.html). This identifies also
> all examples with low priority as "Generic RIFF container" by
> riff.trid.xml. The examples are described with high rate as "MIDI
> Instrument Definition File" by idf.trid.xml. This list the used file
> name extension and often with -v option an related URL pointing to
> information. (See appended trid-v-idf.txt.gz). With this information
> i find a page about MIDI Instrument Definition File on file formats
> archive team web site. Most information can be get from
> C-header file GLOBALS.H of IFEDIT source which is part in Visual
> Studio ( Directory SAMPLES/VC98). That informations are now
> expressed by additional comment lines inside Magdir/riff like:
> # URL:		http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/
> #		wiki/MIDI_Instrument_Definition_File
> # Reference:	http://mark0.net/download/triddefs_xml.7z/
> #			defs/i/idf.trid.xml
> #		ftp://curscott.servebeer.com/
> #		Download/Apps/_Microsoft/
> #  		Visual%20Studio%206.0%20Professional%20MSDN/
> The examples are recognized as "RIFF (little-endian) data"
> by 4 bytes RIFF at the beginning inside Magdir/riff. But no sub class
> identification is done by next chunk 4 byte name "IDF ". When doing
> so this now becomes like:
> 0	string	RIFF		RIFF (little-endian) data
>> 8	string	IDF\ LIST	\b, MIDI Instrument Definition File
> !:mime	audio/x-idf
> !:ext	idf
> Instead of very generic mime type application/octet-stream or RIFF
> generic application/x-riff i display an user defined mime type used
> by TrID. The file name extension is 3 byte sequence IDF. This is
> obviously an abbreviation for Instrument Definition File.
> After the first 5 chunk names comes a string which is apparently the
> instrument name like "Universal-MIDI-Instrument" or "General MIDI".
> This is shown by line like:
>>> 0x30	string		x		"%s"
> Afterwards comes the inst TAG, which is followed by string which is
> probably a manufacture name like "Unspecified Company" or "NVidia
> Corporation". That information is shown by lines like:
>>> 0x31	search/256	inst		by
>>>> &0x24	string	x		"%s"
> After applying the above mentioned modifications by patch
> file-5.42-riff-idf.diff then all my inspected IDF MIDI examples
> are now described with sub classification and more details. This now
> looks like:
> GENERAL.IDF: RIFF (little-endian) data,
> 	     MIDI Instrument Definition File
> 	     "Universal-MIDI-Instrument" by "Unbekannte Firma"
> My-idf1.idf: RIFF (little-endian) data,
> 	     MIDI Instrument Definition File
> 	     "instrument name" by "Unspecified Company"
> My-idf2.idf: RIFF (little-endian) data,
> 	     MIDI Instrument Definition File
> 	     "name2" by "Unspecified Company"
> nvidia.idf:  RIFF (little-endian) data,
> 	     MIDI Instrument Definition File
> 	     "General MIDI" by "NVidia Corporation"
> I hope my diff file can be applied in future version of file
> utility.
> With best wishes,
> Jörg Jenderek
> --
> Jörg Jenderek
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