[File] [PATCH] Magdir/sniffer 5View capture file *.5vw misidentifies kroete.dat

Jörg Jenderek joerg.jen.der.ek at gmx.net
Sat Mar 19 22:01:51 UTC 2022

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some days ago i looked at medium of my last Linux installation. It
was a SUSE LEAP. So i looked at files in boot/x86_64/loader
directory. There was a file named kroete.dat.

When running file command version 5.41 on this example and related
files i get an output like:

CAP-LINK_ETH-20030618-150138.5VW: 5View capture file
kroete.dat:                       5View capture file

Furthermore with -i option only generic application/octet-stream is
shown. With option --extension only 3 byte sequence ??? is shown
instead of 5vw.

For comparison reason i run the file format identification utility
TrID ( See https://mark0.net/soft-trid-e.html). These examples are
described as "5View capture" with file name extension 5vw by
5vw.trid.xml (See appended 5vw_trid-v.txt). This list with -v option
the related URL pointing to used file information.

I do not know any more where i get the right hint, but the step for
further inspection was the tip that wireshark can can handle such
capture files. So i installed wireshark on window and a Linux system.
Afterwards the examples are called "Wireshark capture file" on
Windows system and "Packet Capture (Accellent/InfoVista 5view)" on
Linux. There the information is based or correlates with description
of shared MIME-info database. Finally i look in c-source 5views.c
for this capture format inside wireshark source tree. That
informations are expressed by comment lines inside Magdir/sniffer lik
# URL:		http://www.infovista.com
# Reference:	http://mark0.net/download/triddefs_xml.7z
#		defs/0/5vw.trid.xml
#		https://2.na.dl.wireshark.org/
#		src/wireshark-3.6.2.tar.xz
#		wireshark-3.6.2/wiretap/5views.c

The description happens by lines like:
0	string		\xaa\xaa\xaa\xaa	5View capture file

According to source this is the 4 byte signature of the structure

Next comes size of header in bytes (included signature and reserved
fields). For kroete.dat i get high nonsense value whereas for real
5VW example i get here value 20 hexadecimal. That is the size of
structure (32= 8 * 4 byte integers). So this probably is always
true. That is now shown by additional line like:
 >4	ulelong		!0x00000020	\b, header size %#x

Next comes the version of header record. When i tried to open
kroete.dat with wireshark this fails with error message
The file "kroete-dat" contains record data that Wireshark doesn't
support. (5views: header version 2863311530 unsupported). So here
value is also AAAAAAAAh. But according to source version for 5view
must always be the constant CST_5VW_INFO_RECORD_VERSION with given
value 0x00010000U. So that information is shown by line like:
 >8	ulelong		!0x00010000	\b, record version %#x
Next comes the DataSize. That is the total size of data without
header. For real examples i get value like 18h. So that information
is now shown by line like:
 >12	ulelong		x		\b, record size %#x

Afterwards comes file type. This is the type of the capture file.
In my good example i get value like 18001000h. So show this
information by line like:
 >16	ulelong		x		\b, file type %#8.8x

Afterwards come 3 integers, which are described as reserved for
future use. So these seems to be zero. So show this info by line like
 >20	quad		!0			\b, Reserved %#llx

I also look for a record with t_5VW_TimeStamped_Header structure
type which starts with constant CST_5VW_RECORDS_HEADER_KEY (that is
0x3333EEEEU). That is done by line like:
 >0x20	search/0xB8/b	\xEE\xEE\x33\x33	\b; record
Interesting is the last entry of this structure, which is called
utc inside the source. So i also show this value by lines like:
 #>>&20	ulelong		x			\b, RAW TIME %#8.8x
 >>&20	date		x			\b, Time-stamp %s
So i get time-stamp of record. That information can be verified by
running a command like:
	ls -lad CAP-LINK_ETH-20030618-150138.5VW

According to wireshark source there may exist capture variants
using big endian order. My inspected example is in little endian
order. I put displaying part inside sub routine 5view-le. So if big
endian variants must be handled in the future then just call this
sub routine with inverted logic. Furthermore i can easily
add/change test lines before calling sub routine. To skip "bad"
kroete.dat i add as second test line that checks the correct record
version. So the starting lines now becomes like:

0	string		\xaa\xaa\xaa\xaa
> 8	ulelong		=0x00010000
>> 0	use	5view-le
0	name	5view-le
> 0	ulelong		x			5View capture file
!:mime	application/x-5view
!:ext	5vw

After applying the above mentioned modifications by patch then all
my inspected examples are now described as before but with more
details. This now looks  like:

CAP-LINK_ETH-20030618-150138.5VW: 5View capture file,
				  record size 0x18,
				  file type 0x18001000;
				  next record size 0x24,
				  record type 0x80000000,
				  RecSize 0x5c,
				  Time-stamp Wed Jun 18 13:01:40 2003
kroete.dat:                       5View capture file,
				  header size 0xaaaaaaea,
				  record version 0xaaaaaaaa,
				  record size 0x969656aa,
				  file type 0xaaaaaaaa,
				  Reserved 0x56555555555595aa

With additional more test line done by file-5.41-sniffer-5vw.diff
patch misidentification of kroete.dat vanished and this now looks lik

CAP-LINK_ETH-20030618-150138.5VW: 5View capture file,
				  record size 0x18,
				  file type 0x18001000;
				  record size 0x24,
				  record type 0x80000000,
				  RecSize 0x5c,
				  Time-stamp Wed Jun 18 13:01:40 2003
kroete.dat:                       data

I hope my diff file can be applied in future version of file
utility. Then some hints on the net say that kroete.dat is used for
animation staff added by SUSE for their modifications of the boot

With best wishes
Jörg Jenderek
- --
Jörg Jenderek

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--- file-5.41/magic/Magdir/sniffer.old	2021-07-03 15:51:56.000000000 +0200
+++ file-5.41/magic/Magdir/sniffer	2022-03-19 20:58:26.518334300 +0100
@@ -363,3 +363,50 @@
 # Files from Accellent Group's 5View products.
-0	string		\xaa\xaa\xaa\xaa	5View capture file
+# URL:		http://www.infovista.com
+# Reference:	http://mark0.net/download/triddefs_xml.7z
+#		defs/0/5vw.trid.xml
+#		https://2.na.dl.wireshark.org/src/wireshark-3.6.2.tar.xz
+#		wireshark-3.6.2/wiretap/5views.c 
+# Update:	Joerg Jenderek
+# Note:		called "5View capture" by TrID and
+#		"Wireshark capture file" on Windows or
+#		"Packet Capture (Accellent/InfoVista 5view)" by shared MIME-info database
+#		verified/falsified by `wireshark *.5vw`
+0	string		\xaa\xaa\xaa\xaa
+# skip misidentified boot/x86_64/loader/kroete.dat on Suse LEAP DVD
+# by check for valid record version
+>8	ulelong		=0x00010000
+>>0	use	5view-le
+0	name	5view-le
+# t_5VW_Info_Header.Signature = CST_5VW_INFO_HEADER_KEY = 0xAAAAAAAAU
+>0	ulelong		x			5View capture file
+# https://reposcope.com/mimetype/application/x-5view
+!:mime	application/x-5view
+!:ext	5vw
+# size of header in bytes (included signature and reserved fields); probably always 20h
+>4	ulelong		!0x00000020		\b, header size %#x
+# version of header record; apparently always CST_5VW_INFO_RECORD_VERSION=0x00010000U
+>8	ulelong		!0x00010000		\b, record version %#x
+# DataSize; total size of data without header like: 18h
+>12	ulelong		x			\b, record size %#x
+# filetype; type of the capture file like: 18001000h
+>16	ulelong		x			\b, file type %#8.8x
+# Reserved[3]; reserved for future use; apparently zero
+>20	quad		!0			\b, Reserved %#llx
+# look for record header key CST_5VW_RECORDS_HEADER_KEY of structure t_5VW_TimeStamped_Header
+>0x20	search/0xB8/b	\xEE\xEE\x33\x33	\b; record
+# HeaderSize; actual size of this header in bytes like: 32 24h
+>>&0	uleshort	x			size %#x
+# HeaderType; exact type of this header; probably always 0x4000
+>>&2	uleshort	!0x4000			\b, header type %#x
+# RecType; type of record like: 80000000h
+>>&4	ulelong		x			\b, record type %#x
+# RecSubType; subtype of record like: 0
+>>&8	ulelong		!0			\b, subtype %#x
+# RecSize; Size of one record like: 5Ch
+>>&12	ulelong		x			\b, RecSize %#x
+# RecNb; Number of records like: 1
+>>&16	ulelong		>1			\b, %#x records
+# Timestamp Utc
+#>>&20	ulelong		x			\b, RAW TIME %#8.8x
+>>&20	date		x			\b, Time-stamp %s
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