[File] [PATCH] Magdir/intel BIOS (ia32) ROM; sub routines for PCI

Jörg Jenderek joerg.jen.der.ek at gmx.net
Thu Mar 31 22:41:23 UTC 2022

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Am 01.04.2022 um 00:26 schrieb Jörg Jenderek:
> Hello,
> some days ago i wanted to change the boot order on my old PI.
> Therefore i installed package rpi-eeprom. Afterwards in sub
> directory bootloader beneath /lib/firmware are files with names
> like pieeprom*.bin.

> ROM images for cards with PCI interface contain a section for
> handling PCI Data. Often this structure is stored near the
> beginning and it starts with 4 bytes ASCII signature PCIR. The
> offset to this is always stored at well defined position. So now
> show this information by lines like:
>> (24.s)	string			=PCIR	\b;
>>> 24	uleshort		x	at %#x PCI
> After that string the vendor identification (ID) is stored as 2
> byte integer. That can be shown by line like:
>>> (24.s+4)	uleshort	x	ID=%4.4x
> Luckily there exist the PCI ID Repository where the meaning of
> these numbers is stored in table form as file pci.ids. So i look
> in this file and transfer it manually as magic expression. There
> exist some thousands of lines, but these numbers are reduced
> because i "translate" only the manufacture ID and show device id
> as hexadecimal number. Furthermore i also look for "standard"
> (not exotic) hardware like ethernet network cards, mass storage
> card and VGA compatible display cards. Furthermore i concentrate
> only on market leading manufacturers. So in the end i get only a
> dozen of lines that look like:

> Later i put these lines in a subroutine and in a new file
> Magdir/pci.ids and just call it by line like:
>>> (24.s+4)	use		PCI-vendor

> Probably this is the same meaning as in PCI section. So what is
> described here in samples by "device type 02-00-00" is described
> in PCI section in readable form by text like "CLASS=2 network
> controller ethernet". Later i replace it by line
>>> (26.s+0x12)	use		PCI-class
> This gives correct description "storage controller SCSI" for
> 2975BIOS.BIN and adaptec1542.bin. Correct is also "network
> controller ethernet" for efi-e1000.rom and efi-rtl8139.rom. With
> best wishes Jörg Jenderek
During my work on that patch for BIOS (ia32) ROM i out sourced some
magic lines for handling PCI parts in sub routines and put these in
a a new file Magdir/pci.ids. Unfortunatly i have forgot to append
this new file. So here this now comes.

With best wishes
Jörg Jenderek
- --
Jörg Jenderek (GMX)
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# $$
# pci.ids:  file(1) magic for PCI specific informations

# Vendor identification (ID)		https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/v2.2/pci.ids
# show hexadecimal PCI vendor identification in human readable text form
0	name	PCI-vendor
#			ID	vendor name
#>0	uleshort	=0x0f00	fOO
>0	uleshort	=0x1000	Broadcom
>0	uleshort	=0x1002	AMD/ATI
>0	uleshort	=0x1013	Cirrus Logic
>0	uleshort	=0x1014	IBM
>0	uleshort	=0x1022	AMD
>0	uleshort	=0x1050	Winbond
>0	uleshort	=0x105a	Promise
>0	uleshort	=0x1095	Silicon
>0	uleshort	=0x10EC	Realtek
>0	uleshort	=0x10de	NVIDIA
>0	uleshort	=0x1106	VIA
# Woodward McCoach, Inc. 
>0	uleshort	=0x1231	Woodward
>0	uleshort	=0x1234	Bochs
>0	uleshort	=0x15ad	VMware
>0	uleshort	=0x1af4	Virtio
>0	uleshort	=0x1b36	QEMU
>0	uleshort	=0x1de1	Tekram
# maybe also Promise?
#>0	uleshort	=0x4289	Promise
#>0	uleshort	=0x66a1	FOO
>0	uleshort	=0x8086	Intel
>0	uleshort	=0x9004	Adaptec
# also Adaptec; but no example
>0	uleshort	=0x9005	Adaptec
# for unknown/missing manufactors
>0	default		x	UNKNOWN
>>0	uleshort		x	(%#4.4x)

# https://blog.ladsai.com/pci-configuration-space-class-code.html
# Base class code			https://wiki.osdev.org/PCI
# show hexadecimal PCI class+sub+ProgIF identification in human readable text form
0	name		PCI-class
#>0	ubyte		x	CLASS=%x
>0	ubyte		x
# Device was built prior definition of the class code field
>>0	ubyte		0x00	PRIOR
# Any device except for VGA-Compatible devices like: 2975BIOS.BIN Trm3x5.bin
# BUT also NVidia44.bin vgabios-stdvga-bin.rom
#>>>0	ubyte		0x00		NOT VGA
# VGA-Compatible Device; NO EXAMPLE found here!!
#>>>0	ubyte		0x01		VGA
# like 4243.bin
#>>>0	ubyte		0x04		SUB_CLASS_4
>>0	ubyte		0x01	storage controller
# device sub-type and its definition is dependent upon the base-type code
>>>1	ubyte		0x00		SCSI
>>>1	ubyte		0x01		IDE
>>>1	ubyte		0x02		Floppy
>>>1	ubyte		0x03		IPI
>>>0	ubyte		0x04		RAID
>>>1	ubyte		0x05		ATA
>>>1	ubyte		0x06		SATA
>>>1	ubyte		0x07		SAS
>>>1	ubyte		0x08		NVM
# 4650_sr5.bin "PROMISE" "FT TX4650 Ary X"
>>>1	ubyte		0x80		OTHER
>>0	ubyte		0x02	network controller
>>>1	ubyte		0x00		ethernet
>>>1	ubyte		0x01		token ring
>>>1	ubyte		0x02		FDDI
>>>1	ubyte		0x03		ATM
>>>1	ubyte		0x04		ISDN
>>>1	ubyte		0x05		WorldFip
# PICMG 2.14 Multi Computing
>>>1	ubyte		0x06		PICMG
>>>1	ubyte		0x80		OTHER
>>0	ubyte		0x03	display controller
>>0	ubyte		0x04	multimedia controller
>>0	ubyte		0x05	memory controller
>>0	ubyte		0x06	bridge device
# Simple Communication Controllers
>>0	ubyte		0x07	communication controller
# Base System Peripherals
>>0	ubyte		0x08	base peripheral
# Input Devices
>>0	ubyte		0x09	input device
# Docking Stations
>>0	ubyte		0x0A	docking station
>>0	ubyte		0x0B	processor
>>0	ubyte		0x0C	serial bus controller
>>0	ubyte		0x0D	wireless controller
# Intelligent I/O Controllers
>>0	ubyte		0x0E	I/O controller
# Satellite Communication Controllers
>>0	ubyte		0x0F	satellite controller
# Encryption/Decryption Controllers
>>0	ubyte		0x10	encryption controller
# Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controllers
>>0	ubyte		0x11	signal controller
# Processing Accelerator 
>>0	ubyte		0x12	processing accelerator
# Non-Essential Instrumentation
>>0	ubyte		0x13	non-essential
# reserved or unassigned
>>0	default		x
# device does not fit any defined class; Unassigned Class (Vendor specific) 
>>>0		ubyte	0xFF		UNASSIGNED
# THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! BUT CLASS=8f for Promise 4650_sr5.bin 8660_sr5.bin
>>>0		default	x		RESERVED
>>>>0 	ubyte	x		(%#x)
# Prog IF of PCI class code?
# defines the specific device programming interface
>2	ubyte		>0	\b, ProgIF=%u
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