[File] [patch] Dectect .smali files

FC Stegerman flx at obfusk.net
Sun Jan 8 16:07:14 UTC 2023


* Christoph Biedl <astron.com.bwoj at manchmal.in-ulm.de> [2022-12-30 20:48]:
> > The smali files (if I understand correctly) are the result of
> > decompiling dex files, and part of the output of apktool.
> Find v2 attached, tested with a whopping 100k smali files.

Just a friendly reminder for the file maintainers :)

It would be great to get the .smali patch included; we wrote it after
discovering it speeds up running diffoscope on .apk files -- which
often involves using libmagic on tens of thousands of .smali files
generated by apktool -- a lot.

- FC

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