[Tcsh] tcsh on Z/OS

H.Merijn Brand h.m.brand at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 1 13:57:21 UTC 2019

What is the current preferred way of feedback and questions?
I got a bounce on "TCSH Development Team" <tcsh at mx.gw.com>
Is tcsh at astron.com current? (then I will re-subscribe)

I now have access to a z/OS (os390 EBCDIC) system and it comes with a
tcsh \o/ \o/ \o/ (the only other available sh is the default /bin/sh,
probably a POSIX-ish sh: no bash, no ksh, no zsh)

But the version available is "just" a 6.08.02
version tcsh 6.08.02 (Astron) 1998-11-24 (z/OS-ibm-posix) options 8b,nls,bye,al,kan,sm,ng,nd,dspm

I sure like some of the newer features

I copies the sources of 6.21.00 over to the system, only to find out it
is not supported anymore.

What was the last tcsh version that supported os390?

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