[Tcsh] ls prints 0m if xterm title is set via jobcmd

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Fri Oct 18 18:24:24 UTC 2019

On Sep 17,  9:34pm, ealvarez at fastmail.com (Eduardo Alvarez) wrote:
-- Subject: [Tcsh] ls prints 0m if xterm title is set via jobcmd

| Hello, list,
| I've noticed the following unexpected behavior when using escape sequences =
| to
| write the current job to the terminal title.
| I've got the following aliases set up:
|     alias ls 'ls --color=3Dauto -F'=20
|     alias jobcmd 'echo -n "\033]2;\!#:q\007"'
| The second alias is copied almost verbatim from the tcsh man page. The only
| change has been to no escaped the semicolon after the number 2, as includin=
| g it
| results in printing "; man man" right before the prompt is printed. Removin=
| g it
| prints the job to the xterm title, as desired. But I digress.
| When I use `ls`, as aliased above, the string "0m" is printed before the fi=
| rst
| file in the directory. I've found that replacing the system's ls by the bui=
| ltin
| ls-F solves the issue, but I'm curious as to what might be happening.
| Note that I'm using GNU's ls, as is standard in linux operating systems.
| Thanks in advance for any insight.
| Regards,
| Eduardo Alvarez

I have not been able to reproduce this with xterm. What terminal are you
using? What does telltc print?



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