[Tcsh] tcsh-6.22.03 is now available

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Wed Nov 18 17:48:03 UTC 2020


Since some folks complained that history merging is broken on the latest
release, I decided to make another point fix release that contains the
following changes:

 11. Fix $x:q:h and $x:q:t to not crash (alzwded) with strings containing /
 10. Block SIGHUP while writing history/directory stack (Brett Frankenberger)
  9. Fixed reversed test that broke history merging (Brett Frankenberger)
  8. Prevent recursive entry for writing history (Brett Frankenberger)
  7. alxwded at github, keep track of the :g and :a modifiers per modifier they
  6. alzwded at github, fix infinite loop with :gas variable modifier
  5. PR/88: Add a Q: modifier that preserves empty arguments leaving :q

It is available from ftp://ftp.astron.com/pub/tcsh/tcsh-6.22.03.tar.gz.

Stay safe and healthy,


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