[Tcsh] Edit command-line history with Unicode characters over 0x7fff

H.Merijn Brand tcsh at tux.freedom.nl
Tue Aug 17 08:57:04 UTC 2021

I've crosschecked with bash, and that acts correct, so it is an issue
in the tcsh command-history editor.

Assume you have mapped AltGr-T-X to U+1F427 (��), AltGr-=-C to U+20AC
(€) and AltGr-T-U to U+1F44D (��), then

% echo "T �� M € T ��" | cat

will show (while typing) on the command-line as

% echo "T \U+1F427 M € T \U+1F44D" | cat

Now worry, I can live with that. It is fine!

when I now hit Up-Arrow or Ctrl-P to edit the last command, that line
shows (correctly) as

% echo "T \U+1F427 M € T \U+1F44D" | cat

with the cursor (as expected) at the end of the line.

Hitting Backspaces acts as expected, but hitting Left-Arrow moves the
cursor left more than it should. The amount differs depending on the
number of Unicode characters with codepoints over 0xffff

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