[Tcsh] "Readable" Unicode in setenv

Kimmo Suominen kim at netbsd.org
Thu Nov 18 09:17:59 UTC 2021

On Tue, 16 Nov 2021 at 13:03, Jamie Landeg-Jones <jamie at catflap.org> wrote:
> Rather than altering anything that already exists, have you thought of adding
> a new type, e.g. like the bourne shell format $'xxxx' ?
> This would remove ambiguity, and also be easily memorable by those used to sh.
> It already covers escaping, and unicode code-points:

That looks very appealing to me.

I would like to cut 6.23.01 as there have been a number of fixes
committed. But I'm wary of releasing the changed echo. Should I just
#ifdef NOTYET the \x and \u cases from parseescape() and comment out
the "$ echo_hex" test?

Btw, there is no $echo_hex variable, so the test seems misnamed and
misplaced in tests/variables.at.


Kind regards,
+ Kimmo

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