[Tcsh] tcsh.man improvements style question

Kimmo Suominen kim at netbsd.org
Thu Dec 8 07:40:52 UTC 2022

On Thu, 8 Dec 2022 at 07:52, Jamie Landeg-Jones <jamie at catflap.org> wrote:
> ... trying to find out how to build the latest tcsh.man, I looked
> at the file BUILDING. Not only does it not mention how to build,
> it refers to the old nroff -mdoc man page.

I read through the BUILDING document and it seems accurate to me. It
talks about DESTMAN, tcsh.1, and "make install.man", which all are
still correct. The "nroff -mdoc" man page is the new page. The old
page was in "nroff -man" format.

Since we now have "configure" generate tcsh.man, building without
running "./configure" is no longer available for the manual page. I
think we should probably just deprecate the other [I]Makefiles (by
removing them).

> Also, the now ironically named file "NewThings" contains references
> to the old man->html script.

The NewThings file also has headings that refer to the version in
which each "new" thing appeared. The top-most (and thus most recent)
entry is for tcsh 6.08, which was released in October, 1998.

My guess would be that since we attempt to record all notable changes
in Fixes, the information in NewThings is just duplicating that. Maybe
we should deprecate NewThings as well, although I'm not sure if all of
its information can be found elsewhere. If anyone wants to fold it
into Fixes, that might be a good approach. Or otherwise just check if
there is information there that didn't make it to the manual page.

> I've got the man page working myself, so this isn't a cry for help,
> just a few suggestions!

Personally I'm always happy when people take a closer look at what is
going on. :)

Thanks for the feedback!

+ Kimmo

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