[Tcsh] Compliments to the developers and contributors.

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And I'm very proud to find another, better workaround to the criticism in the Wikipedia webpage:
# Always creates an empty file
if (! -e myfile) echo mytext > myfile
# Workaround
if (! -e myfile) eval "echo mytext > myfile"
My workaround<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:MobileDiff/1069012614>:
( ( : < myfile ) >& /dev/null && echo File exists. ) || ( ( echo mytext > myfile ) >& /dev/null && echo File created. ) || ( echo Cannot create file. )

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Just did like to leave a comment in here, thanking the developers and contributors of Tcsh.

The C Shell is such a brilliant work from Bill Joy, and Tcsh makes a great enhancement and continuation to it. Furthermore, the C Shell is the only Shell out there which resembles the Thompson and Mashey Shells, which (unfortunately) were superseded by the Bourne Shell.

I'm not a long-time Tcsh user, however, after learning it, it really fascinated me - so much that I keep wondering how some dislike it.
To be fair, Tcsh taught me how to write scripts with security in mind, due its "limitations". The "limitations" imposed by the C Shell make it one of the most reliable Shells to work with, and I should not complain, but thank for that. (E.g: nesting commands is impossible; there are better ways to achieve what one want, without nesting commands.)

I really have no complaints to C Shell or Tcsh, but I must thank each of you who keep the development of an old brilliant gem from Bill Joy and Ken Greer up.
Thank you very much for your time and effort!

P.S: the complaints from a Perl developer in faqs.org are plain petty; something I learned very quickly is that most things can be worked-around with sub-shells or named FIFOs.

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