[Tcsh] tcsh(1) mandoc conversion completed

Luke Mewburn luke at mewburn.net
Tue Nov 22 07:57:29 UTC 2022

Hi tcsh list,

I've completed the mdoc conversion of tcsh.man.new (that Christos
started a few years ago).
tcsh.man.new formats nicely as text (ascii or UTF-8) as well as PS/PDF.
I haven't tried HTML yet.

I also fixed various editorial issues in tcsh.man (the currently
installed manual in man.old format).

The changes are in a branch in my github fork

The differences between tcsh.man and tcsh.man.new are mostly
minor editorial and formatting issues, especially where
the mdoc format is nicer. I did convert to Oxford comma
in tcsh.man.new and didn't backport that to tcsh.man.

I compared the differences with:
	nroff -Tascii -c -man tcsh.man | col -b > ! out.old ;
	nroff -Tascii -c -man tcsh.man.new | col -b > ! out.new ;
	git diff --no-index --color-words out.old out.new

Before I submit a pull request, a question to Christos, Kimmo
and the community:

Should we continue to maintain and install both tcsh.man and tcsh.man.new ?

	1. Maintain both tcsh.man and tcsh.man.new, continue to only install
	tcsh.man by default, maintaining tcsh.man2html for the man.old.

	2. Maintain both tcsh.man and tcsh.man.new, change to only install
	tcsh.man.new, maintaining tcsh.man2html for the man.old.
	Maybe rename tcsh.man to tcsh.man.old ?
	Maybe rename tcsh.man.new to tcsh.man or tcsh.mandoc ?

	3. Migrate to tcsh.man.new, deprecate tcsh.man and tcsh.man2html.
	Rename tcsh.man.new to tcsh.man.

I have some other editorial improvements and refactoring I'd like to
do, but I'd rather wait until there's a direction for the manual page


PS: I realised it's been nearly 30 years since my first contribution to tcsh!
Time flies.

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