[Tcsh] History merging bug?

Kimmo Suominen kim at netbsd.org
Sat Apr 15 09:23:16 UTC 2023


The manual says his about the savehist variable:

> If the second word is set to ‘merge’, the history list is merged
> with the existing history file instead of replacing it (if there is
> one) and sorted by time stamp and the most recent events are retained.

If I have:

    set history=(1024) savehist=(1024 merge)

then the most recent events always disappear (not saved in ~/.history).

If I have:

    set history=(1024) savehist(2048 merge)

then the new events are getting added to ~/.history, although I wonder
if it keeps working after ~/.history has reached 2048 entries in size.

Anyone else having an issue with this?

+ Kimmo

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