[Tcsh] prompt: dim and promptchars

H.Merijn Brand tcsh at tux.freedom.nl
Thu Jul 27 07:52:02 UTC 2023

         ‘%B’, ‘%S’, ‘%U’, and ‘%{string%}’ are available in only eight-
         bit-clean shells; see the version shell variable.

               %S (%s)
                   Start (stop) standout mode.

               %B (%b)
                   Start (stop) boldfacing mode.

               %U (%u)
                   Start (stop) underline mode.

                   Includes string as a literal escape sequence.  It
                   should be used only to change terminal attributes
                   and should not move the cursor location.  This can-
                   not be the last sequence in prompt.

I also want to use "dim" and do so using

 set prompt="%U%m:%u%{`tput dim`%}%/ %h \U1F427%{`tput sgr0`%} "

are there plans to include %x syntax for dim too? %D and %d are
already taken for dd and weekday

FWIW I also wanted to control %# using promptchars

 if ($USER == "tux") then
   set promptchars="\U1F427#"
   set promptchars=">#"

but doing so does not show �� but a literal '\'
using \U1F427 in prompt *does* work. Is that a bug in promptchars?

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