[Tcsh] Interactive comments for tcsh?

M G P tateusg at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 23 13:39:29 UTC 2023

This should do to prevent history substitution. Only problem is that adds a new backslash for ! characters.


I modified the parser so that # characters are ignored. Unfortunately, history substitution still is parsed, because it's executed before syntax(). History substitution is probably located in sh.lex.c, and the code is executed before syntax().


Is there any possibility/interest in adding an 'interactive_comments" option for tcsh like is in bash?

I'm interested because I often make notes of procedures/commands that I want to cat and paste into the terminal to repeat at some point and want to be able to add comments to them.  Stuff like:
mkdir foobar   # pick any name
cd foobar
ln -s ../bletch/bin/* ./    # include bletch commands

I have been using ' ;: ' to introduce comments, but the shell still tries to parse the rest of the line and if there are any quotes, semi-colons, less-thans, or greater-thans, it doesn't work properly

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