[File] Time to release 5.44?

Christoph Biedl astron.com.bwoj at manchmal.in-ulm.de
Mon Dec 26 17:03:30 UTC 2022


while I don't like to be pushy in the regard of doing another upstream
release, I'd still like to see 5.44 pretty soon. So if it's doable on
your side, please go ahead.

My reasons boil down to:

First, Debian is going for another release, and I'd prefer to have all
the latest changes via upstream.

And second, I did some statistics: Using the numbers since the 5.10
release and their respective median, file releases happen every 69
commits and 100.5 days. Since 5.43, there already have been some
whopping 149 commits, and a release was due for 2022-12-23 - so it would
match the time line quite well.

About the latter, asumme tongue-in-cheek :)

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