[Tcsh] unicode in prompt

Amol Deshpande amol.vinayak.deshpande at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 15:12:35 UTC 2020

hey all,

I've been trying to get unicode in the prompt like all the cool kids are
doing these days. I created a gist based on my attempts with the prompt
configuration tool oh my posh (at

my gist:

However, even on Linux  (WSL2 in Windows), setting the prompt this way
seems to mess up the editing.  backward-delete-word , line erase etc. don't
quite work reliably. They erase more than required (visually. the actual
command itself is intact in the shell's buffer)

Anyone have experience with this ?

For Linux, should I be setting my locale somehow  to enable unicode in the
term ? I am assuming it should just work.

 From stepping through on Windows it looks like the calculations for cursor
location are messed up by UTF8.  But that's a whole different thing I'm
struggling with, so I'm not sure it's related. Doesn't Unix use UTF-32
anyway ?

BTW, gmail has been ghosting this mailing list for me (I do seem to get
replies to threads though), so please feel free to email me directly if
anything needs my attention.  I'm in the process of setting up a different

thanks and Happy Holidays to all

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