[Tcsh] Further issues with jobcmd

Eduardo Alvarez ealvarez at fastmail.com
Wed Dec 30 14:59:05 UTC 2020

Hello, list,

Last year, I reported an issues with jobcmd and ls (see "[Tcsh] ls prints 0m if xterm title is set via jobcmd" from September 18). I recently decided to revisit this configuration, using ls-F as a substitute, and in the process of testing I found another bit of odd behavior.

Where it happens: I've seen this take place on Xterm and rxvt-unicode. No further tests have been conducted.

How to reproduce:

1. Alias jobcmd as follows. Again, note the un-escaped semicolon, which is necessary for this to work correctly:

    alias jobcmd 'echo -n "\033]2;\!#:q\007"'

2. Run any command that uses an argument. I used "man man",  "vim foo", and "ls /etc" as tests.
3. If it's a full-screen program (such as vim or man), close the app.
4. Press up arrow or CTRL-P to invoke up-history.

What should happen:

The history mechanism should put the last command executed, complete with its arguments (eg, man man).

What happens:

The history mechanism prints only the command, without arguments. If up-history is invoked again, however, then the command + argument is displayed.

Oddly enough, executing "history" only shows the command and its arguments, there isn't a listing in history with just the command.

Thanks in advance for the help,

  Eduardo Alvarez
  ealvarez at fastmail.com

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