[Tcsh] tcsh-6.24.04 is now available

Kimmo Suominen kim at netbsd.org
Sat Dec 3 20:55:39 UTC 2022


I am pleased to announce that tcsh-6.24.04 is now available; this is a
maintenance release with no functional change to the shell itself, but
all additional changes from today have been applied to the manual

Developers should note that patchlevel.h and tcsh.man are now
generated by configure, so the files to edit would be patchlevel.h.in
(not that anyone would typically edit that) and tcsh.man.in.

Release engineers should note that the release procedure has been
improved by adding a number of make targets. (Old release procedure
targets have been cleaned up from the various Makefiles.)

Tcsh is an enhanced version of the Berkeley C-shell that offers
command line editing and completion plus many other little things that
preserve the length of your fingers.

Tcsh runs on most UNIX machines, as well as Windows.

You can get tcsh from http://ftp.astron.com/pub/tcsh/tcsh-6.24.04.tar.gz

sha256sum: 948f87fc417b2bf0c9d3f430cfb4261b8651a4a184bc51159326c92857a79b98

The latest source is also on GitHub: https://github.com/tcsh-org/tcsh

I would like to thank everyone who contributed by sending bug reports,
bug fixes, improvements, suggestions, and otherwise helped with the

Kind regards,
+ Kimmo

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