[Tcsh] tcsh.man improvements style question

Jamie Landeg-Jones jamie at catflap.org
Fri Dec 9 16:49:10 UTC 2022

Kimmo Suominen <kim at netbsd.org> wrote:

> I read through the BUILDING document and it seems accurate to me. It
> talks about DESTMAN, tcsh.1, and "make install.man", which all are
> still correct. The "nroff -mdoc" man page is the new page. The old
> page was in "nroff -man" format.

Arrrgh, I had a total brain-fart there - Apologies for wasting your time.

I was introduced to mdoc format at the same time as the "mandoc"
command. Whilst I realise both "nroff" and "mandoc" can handle both
formats, I still subconciously equate "nroff" with the old style.
So, I saw "nroff -mdoc" and read it as "nroff -man".

Sorry, totally my fault.

> Since we now have "configure" generate tcsh.man, building without
> running "./configure" is no longer available for the manual page. I
> think we should probably just deprecate the other [I]Makefiles (by
> removing them).

I noticed you've already done this. I would have suggested doing the same.
Keeping them around unnecessarily just adds to the confusion, and
potential future probelms if they got out of sync..

> My guess would be that since we attempt to record all notable changes
> in Fixes, the information in NewThings is just duplicating that. Maybe
> we should deprecate NewThings as well, although I'm not sure if all of
> its information can be found elsewhere. If anyone wants to fold it
> into Fixes, that might be a good approach. Or otherwise just check if
> there is information there that didn't make it to the manual page.

That would be nice to sort out, but maybe overkill. How about initially
a note at the top of "newthings" mentioning that the file is no longer
kept uptodate, and latests changes are in "Fixes"?

> Personally I'm always happy when people take a closer look at what is
> going on. :)
> Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for going easy on me! :-)

I have a few small patches that you may or may not be interested in adding.
What's the best place for them? I've sent patches to the mailing list in the
past, but note you have the astron bug tracker too. (I hope a github pull isn't
your preferred route, as I hate git with a passion!)

Cheers! Jamie

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