[Tcsh] tcsh and Alpine Linux: progress, anyone?

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Sat Nov 26 00:23:00 UTC 2022

I just went back through my tcsh mail archives for mentions of Alpine
Linux.  The most recent correspondence there seems to be from about
20-Dec-2016, almost six years ago.

I have more than 3100 build logs of tcsh going back to mid-1995, and
pretty much everywhere, on numerous flavors of Unix, on all of the
major CPU types used in desktop systems since about 1990, I have been
able to build, install, and use tcsh.

The only holdout appears to be Alpine Linux, for which I have about 14
different virtual machines, including that for Alpine 3.17, released
just a couple of days ago.

On that new VM, I tried a build of tcsh-6.24.02, and got this build

        ERROR: 190 tests were run,
        188 failed unexpectedly.
        54 tests were skipped.

In the past, we concluded that the build failures were due to Alpine's
unusual memory model, which has also prevented builds of emacs,
another large system that can be built almost everywhere, including on
Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

Have any list members looked into getting tcsh to build and run on
Alpine Linux?  tcsh has never been in the Alpine package system, at
least since Alpine 3.7, eleven releases ago.

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