[Tcsh] tcsh and Alpine Linux: progress, anyone?

Vlad Meșco vlad.mesco at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 10:32:28 UTC 2022

Le 26 novembre 2022 02:23:00 GMT+02:00, "Nelson H. F. Beebe" <beebe at math.utah.edu> a écrit :
>I just went back through my tcsh mail archives for mentions of Alpine
>Linux.  The most recent correspondence there seems to be from about
>20-Dec-2016, almost six years ago.
>I have more than 3100 build logs of tcsh going back to mid-1995, and
>pretty much everywhere, on numerous flavors of Unix, on all of the
>major CPU types used in desktop systems since about 1990, I have been
>able to build, install, and use tcsh.
>The only holdout appears to be Alpine Linux, for which I have about 14
>different virtual machines, including that for Alpine 3.17, released
>just a couple of days ago.
>On that new VM, I tried a build of tcsh-6.24.02, and got this build
>        ERROR: 190 tests were run,
>        188 failed unexpectedly.
>        54 tests were skipped.
>In the past, we concluded that the build failures were due to Alpine's
>unusual memory model, which has also prevented builds of emacs,
>another large system that can be built almost everywhere, including on
>Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.
>Have any list members looked into getting tcsh to build and run on
>Alpine Linux?  tcsh has never been in the Alpine package system, at
>least since Alpine 3.7, eleven releases ago.
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I'm confused, I have it as the login shell in WSL at work, and they even seem to have 6.24.02 [1] (albeit in the community repo, which is disabled by default). See build log [2], it doesn't have test failures.

You've made me curious, I need to have a go at building from source. Maybe they have some patches for the package, but I don't see that online (and I don't remember how their pkg build system works, it was rather convoluted).

Are you on a different platform than x86_64?

[1] https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/community/x86_64/tcsh

[2] https://build.alpinelinux.org/buildlogs/build-edge-x86_64/community/tcsh/tcsh-6.24.02-r0.log


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