[Tcsh] tcsh 6.24: broken escape handling

Corinna Vinschen vinschen at redhat.com
Tue Nov 29 10:22:08 UTC 2022


I found a problem with ESC handling in tcsh 6.24.  Consider this
example: I have a machine called "pinky" and I'd like to see the machine
name in the terminal header, so basically I perform this command via

  echo "\033]0;pinky\007\c"

With tcsh 6.22 I'm getting the desired result:

  $ echo "\033]0;pinky\007\c"   [window title changes]

While with tcsh 6.24 the title still changes, there's something broken:

  $ echo "\033]0;pinky\007\c"   [window title changes]

That's with version 6.24.01 as well as with 6.24.02.  On Linux
I always get a quotation mark, on Cygwin the output is often a
quotation mark, sometimes random garbage.  The output depends
on the string to print, but it always contains at least one LF:

  $ echo "\033]0;pin\007\c"   [window title changes]

Sorry for noticing this problem so late, but I'm neither running this
sequence by default on Cygwin, nor on Linux.  It occured to me only
because I updated a seldomly used laptop lately, called pinky, FWIW :}


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