[Tcsh] [UCE] tcsh-6.24.08 is now available

Luke Mewburn luke at mewburn.net
Wed Apr 12 08:47:34 UTC 2023

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Hi Nelson,

Without more context (e.g. the relevant lines from testsuite.log) it's
hard to know what's causing the problem for your build lab.

  | 	117: Comments FAILED (lexical.at:46)

This is running
	tcsh -f -c 'echo #no comment'
(using autotest's quadrigraph '@%:@' to escape '#', as can be seen
if you examine tests/testsuite around line 9216).

  | 	181: $ edit   FAILED (variables.at:533)

This is running
	TERM=something tcsh -f -c 'echo $?edit'
and expecting the $edit variable to be set.

Is tests/testsuite being regenerated as part of your build process
because the Makefile considers the tests/testsuite to be out of date
with respect to its dependencies?
If so, what's the version of autom4te that you have installed?

It _may_ be that the build needs tweaking to avoid the automatic
regeneration of tests/testsuite (and other autoconf / autoheader
generated files), and instead treat the build more like an automake
project with AM_MAINTAINER_MODE(), where the "developer" level
stuff isn't regenerated automatically. This depends upon the eventual
resolution of your issue, however.


On 23-04-10 15:00, Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote:
  | Normally, most builds of tcsh-6.*.* are successful in my test lab of
  | 100+ Unix environments covering the major CPU families, and the major
  | O/S families.  They were for tcsh-6.24.07, but for tcsh-6.24.08, 98
  | out of 105 builds report the same two failures:
  | 	117: Comments FAILED (lexical.at:46)
  | 	181: $ edit   FAILED (variables.at:533)
  | The other 7 builds did not complete, for unrelated reasons.
  | I'm therefore not installing this build on our systems, in the
  | expectation that there will be fixes for those failures.
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