[Tcsh] "history-search-backward" weirdness

Jamie Landeg-Jones jamie at catflap.org
Mon Aug 21 01:09:33 UTC 2023

When using "history-search-backward", it will scroll up through all matches
ih the history, doing nothing if there is no match, or no further match.

However, if the first character of the current line is '[' then whilst it
correctly searches through the history for commands starting with '[', it
bombs out if there is no match / no further match (as long as there is at
least one entry in the history):

%  bindkey -k up history-search-backward
% pwd

Typing '[' followed by UP ARROW gives:

% [history: Missing ']'

% [ 3 ] && echo boo

Now, typing '[' followed by UP ARROW gives correctly:

% [ 3 ] && echo boo<CURSOR>

Pressing UP ARROW again changes it to:

% [ 3 ] && echo booecho: Missing ']'.

Any ideas what is going on? Tested on latest version of tcsh, on both FreeBSD and Linux.

Cheers! Jamie

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